The Rissler family


Here you find the descendent chart or the pedigree chart for the first man who took the name Rissler.
His given name was Pehr and this name has always been popular in the family.
There are today at least seven Per Rissler living in Sweden
From the first Rissler you can follow the roots back to his grandgrandfather which is as far as I have been able to track up to now.

If instead you climb the tree up to present days you may be dissapointed not to find yorself or at least your parents.
But a principle is: No one living, or dead since less than 25 years, should be exposed on the internet without having given written consent.

graphical pedigree (pdf)

Here are some links
to more facts about the family.

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My name is Sten Rissler.


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